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Sergi Regot, Javier Macia, et al. “Distributed biological computation with multicellular engineered networks”

Synthetic biology allows the building of artificial computational devices inspired in the standard design of electronic circuits by using cellular consortia, including reusable and reprogrammable complex circuits, as shown by Ricard Solé and colleagues. Logic gates for complex Boolean computations can be implemented by engineered yeast cells, … Continue reading

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Quantum entanglement in a macroscopic system at high temperatures

“Quantum entanglement has been observed at low temperatures in both microscopic and macroscopic systems. It now seems that the effect can also occur at high temperatures if the systems are not in thermal equilibrium.” The spanish scientist Fernando Galve and … Continue reading

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Bowman and Rogers in Nature, “A lower limit of Δz > 0.06 for the duration of the reionization epoch”

“The Epoch of Reionization (EOR) refers to the period in the history of the universe during which the predominantly neutral intergalactic medium was ionized by the emergence of the first luminous sources. These sources may have been stars, galaxies, quasars, … Continue reading

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Moss, Scott, Zibin, “No evidence for anomalously low variance circles on the sky”

Gurzadyan & Penrose claim to have found directions on the sky centred on which are circles of anomalously low variance in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). An independent analysis has confirmed such a result. However, properly simulated Gaussian CMB data contain just the … Continue reading

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Hohenberg, “Consistent quantum theory,” or Copenhagen done right!

Consistent quantum theory (CQT) was introduced over 25 years ago by Robert Griffiths (1984), and further elaborated by Gell-Mann and Hartle (1993). This theory is a version of orthodox quantum mechanics based in the principle of complementarity. Complementarity is the essence of quantum … Continue reading

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Pennisi, “What Poison? Bacterium Uses Arsenic To Build DNA and Other Molecules”

Today, every body talks about the new paper accepted in Science by NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe-Simon (see fotograph) reported also in Science by Elizabeth Pennisi, “Biochemistry: What Poison? Bacterium Uses Arsenic To Build DNA and Other Molecules,” News of the … Continue reading

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