The future of the LHC at CERN

The Higgs agenda at CERN pass from Higgs discovery at the LHC (measure its mass and its width), to precision physics in the Higgs sector at the SLHC (measure cross sections x BR, ratios of couplings to particle, measure CP and spin, measure Higgs self-couplings, measure Higgs dynamics & dynamics of EWSB). “Based on the experience gained diagnosing and repairing the LHC in 2008 and 2009 the following decisions have been taken in 2010 and formalized in the Medium Term Plan 2011-2016: (1) LHC will operate until ~2030 and experiments expect to accumulate ~3000 fb-1; (2) during its last decade of operation, the LHC shall aim at a useful average luminosity of 5×1034 Hz/cm²; and (3) the High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC itself shall be implemented a few years before 2020. Two projects have been created on January 1, 2011 for studying and implementing the High Luminosity Upgrade of the LHC: (1) “HL-LHC” for the LHC itself, in order to obtain a peak luminosity of five times the design luminosity of the LHC (i.e. 5×1034 Hz/cm²); and (2) “LHC Injectors Upgrade” (LIU) for the injectors (LINAC4, the PS booster, the PS, the SPS, as well as the heavy ion chain).” Christophe Grojean, “Physics perspectives with the High Luminosity LHC,”, Saclay, 07 February 2011.

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