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Joe Lykken on “Some good/bad news about string theory”

Joe Lykken, “String Theory for Physicists,” XXXIII SLAC Summer Institute, 2005, Lecture 1 [PDF]; Lecture 2 [PDF]; and Lecture 3 [PDF]. “Some good/bad news about string theory: Good: String theory is a consistent theory of quantum gravity. Bad: It’s really a … Continue reading

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Dan Hooper on Light WIMPs

“The thermal abundance (“WIMP Miracle”) argument works roughly equally well for WIMPs with masses between ~1 GeV and several TeV, but historically, physicists have focused on ~40 GeV to ~1 TeV WIMPs, and papers have been written, analyses have been carried out, … Continue reading

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String theory and mathematical fertility

“String theory dominates the research landscape of quantum gravity physics (despite any direct experimental evidence) due to its mathematical fertility. String theory has generated many surprising, useful, and well-confirmed mathematical ‘predictions’ made on the basis of general physical principles entering into string … Continue reading

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On the nature of time in string theory

The journal Foundations of Physics commemorates “Forty Years of String Theory.” Vijay Balasubramanian (University of Pennsylvania) steps back and ask what we do not understand about time. What is time?  Within the broader quantum gravity community outside string theory there has … Continue reading

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Lisi and Weatherall in Scientific American: “A Geometric Theory of Everything”

“In 2007 physicist A. Garrett Lisi wrote the most talked about theoretical physics paper of the year. He argues that the geometric framework of modern quantum physics can be extended to incorporate Einstein’s theory, leading to a long-sought unification of … Continue reading

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Gustafsson in PPC-CERN: “Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Observations of the Galactic Center”

  A forthcoming paper of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration will describe method and results yielding to the left plot (the right one is widely known).  A map of the galactic center after 2 years of Fermi operation by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) … Continue reading

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Serpico at PPC-CERN: “Theoretical aspects of dark matter indirect detection”

“Dark Matter (DM) was already discovered indirectly: via gravity. But gravity is “universal” and does not permit particle identification: a discovery via electromagnetic, strong or weak probes is needed. The LHC at CERN was designed to study the electroweak (EW) scale, however there … Continue reading

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