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Lisi and Weatherall in Scientific American: “A Geometric Theory of Everything”

“In 2007 physicist A. Garrett Lisi wrote the most talked about theoretical physics paper of the year. He argues that the geometric framework of modern quantum physics can be extended to incorporate Einstein’s theory, leading to a long-sought unification of … Continue reading

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Gianfranco Bertone, “The moment of truth for WIMP Dark Matter”

Gianfranco Bertone, “The moment of truth for WIMP Dark Matter,” ArXiv, Nov. 17, 2010 [Nature 468: 389–393, 18 November 2010], tell us everything we want to know about WIMP particles as candidates for dark matter. Let us summarize the paper. We know … Continue reading

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Quantum computers protected by space-time cloaking devices

Quantum computers are very fragile devices, the accidental observation of any quantum property can disrupt calculations before they have been completed. ¿Could a quantum computer be hidden inside a protecting spatiotemporal cloaking device? Such is the proposal of Ortwin Hess, a researcher … Continue reading

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