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Dan Hooper on Light WIMPs

“The thermal abundance (“WIMP Miracle”) argument works roughly equally well for WIMPs with masses between ~1 GeV and several TeV, but historically, physicists have focused on ~40 GeV to ~1 TeV WIMPs, and papers have been written, analyses have been carried out, … Continue reading

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Baez & Huerta in Scientific American: “The Strangest Numbers in String Theory”

  “Octonions were largely neglected since their discovery in 1843, but in the past few decades they have assumed a curious importance in string theory. And indeed, if string theory is a correct representation of the universe, they may explain why … Continue reading

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Haber on “Present status and future prospects for a Higgs boson discovery”

“The electroweak symmetry breaking dynamics of the Minimal Standard Model (MSM) employs a self-interacting complex doublet of scalar fields, which consists of four real degrees of freedom.  Three of this four degrees of freedom has been already observed in the … Continue reading

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Brumfiel in Nature, “Latest results from the LHC are casting doubt on the theory of supersymmetry”

“Supersymmetry is a theory that solves a host of problems with our understanding of the subatomic world, but there is growing anxiety that the theory, however elegant it might be, is wrong. Data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27-kilometre … Continue reading

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